Vidar Brekke VP of Marketing

Mr. Brekke offers a valuable mix of marketing, creative and product development skills cultivated through leading roles with diverse international startups, including his own ventures, as well as Fortune 500 companies. In his capacity as account planner with Ogilvy, he provided strategic direction for clients such as IBM and Lotus and has continued to provide insightful creative direction to countless clients whether working for boutique agencies or during his tenure as vice president of marketing for JPMorgan Chase. At Linkstorm, Mr. Brekke continues to drive the company and its clients forward by staying one step ahead of their competitors with his sharp strategic mind and passion for interactive marketing. He earned his B.A. in Sociology from the University of Bergen, Norway and an M.A. in Communication from SUNY Albany.

He can be reached at vbrekke @ linkstorms . com


Gabe E. Nydick Chief of Infrastructure


William Bright Art Director

Joining a fellow high school computer geek friend to a computer club in 1994, William first learned of the Web when the instructor discovered of his lack of interest in C++ programming. There he was introduced to a "revolutionary new technology" called HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) -- the building blocks of the web. Even in the pre-Netscape and Internet Explorer days he was pushing the limits of the technologies at his disposal.

William comes to Linkstorm from the editorial world as the former Design Director for an online magazine company, overseeing two websites and numerous weblogs. He is also the founder of, which brings underground metro maps to your personal music devices. He (and his talented design team) presents a beautiful face to the fantastic technology behind Linkstorm's display advertising technology, their website and this very weblog.

He is also arguably the third best foosball player in the office.

He can be reached at: wbright @ linkstorms . com


David Sidman Founder & CEO

Mr. Sidman is a seasoned business executive with wide-ranging experience in the publishing, technology and finance industries. Prior to founding Linkstorm, he served as director of new publishing technologies for John Wiley & Sons, where he helped the U.S.' oldest independent publisher to transition its print business to the web through a combination of strategy development, internal projects enabling organic growth, and external acquisitions/investments. In four years he helped grow electronic product revenues 16-fold, with profitability rising more than 10-fold. He also helped initiate usage of the web as a sales channel for print publications, growing this channel from nonexistence in 1996 to over $30 million by the time he left.

For Wiley's Journal business, he worked closely with Internet pioneer Dr. Robert Kahn and his DARPA-funded Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) to adapt Dr. Kahn's Handle System for the Scientific/Technical/Medical Publishing industry, including the founding of CrossRef which today interlinks more than 25 million journal articles. He then founded Linkstorm in August 2000 as Content Directions, Inc. (CDI) in order to develop additional applications based on the Handle System for the publishing industry, securing multi-year ongoing commitments that continue today from McGraw-Hill, Harvard Business School Publishing, Cambridge University Press and others.

Prior to Linkstorm and Wiley, Mr. Sidman held senior management positions in the technology, finance and information businesses with Barclay's Bank, Moody's Investors Service, Shearson Lehman Hutton/American Express, Mercantile Stores and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Mr. Sidman is a summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard, where he also taught physics, mathematics and philosophy as an undergraduate.

He can be reached at dsidman @ linkstorms . com


Scott Kolber SVP of Business Development

Mr. Kolber joined Linkstorm in September 2005 and served as Linkstorm's vice president of sales during its crucial market-entry period, signing the company's first wave of Fortune 200 customers. He has a highly successful track record of business development experience in the media and telecommunications industries, including Viacom where he played key roles in the implementation of MTV's global satellite distribution strategy and the development and sale of television programming and feature films.

At Loral Space and Communications, he was responsible for establishing joint ventures and strategic alliances with a variety of U.S. and international partners. Most recently, Mr. Kolber was a co-founder of Canopy Enterprises, a television production and integrated marketing company. Mr. Kolber holds a bachelor's degree in Government and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia.

He can be reached at skolber @ linkstorms . com


Lon Binder Chief Technology Officer

Technology/operations expert with a track record of success in developing new products and for linking technology projects to the bottomline. Background in senior management positions in consultative and full-time roles and working with C-levels at Global-1000 organizations as well as early entrepreneurs.


Timothy Lo Web Front-End Engineer

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