Running JSLint In Eclipse On Windows

Eclipse is such a wonderful and extensible development environment that all of us here at Linkstorm do our development work with it.  Whether we are working on front-end or back-end code, the various plugins available to assist us are vast.
Much of our JavaScript development is done within Eclipse using the JSEclipse plugin (which is now […]

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String Casing in Ant

One of the various build tools we use is trusty, reliable Apache Ant. In order to take some of the regex load off our Apache web server, we decided to deploy versions of our javascript files in various cases (uppercase, lowercase, etc.) in addition to our standard mixed case. Normally this type of […]

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The Art of Consolidation - Part I - Planning Ahead

With all of the talk these days about consolidation and Xen as the keystone to that process for affordable, DIY environments, there’s something lacking from the tips, tricks, and how-to’s on getting started. I see a large focus on setting up cluster file systems, SANs, and other shared storage solutions mixed with heartbeat to […]

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