For the last few months, all industry forecasts for the Online Ad space indicated rapid growth despite the worldwide economic downturn and the corresponding downturn or flatness in the ad industry as a whole (weighed down by traditional media).  But now some estimates like JP Morgan’s and the others collected on Silicon Alley Insider’s post […]

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Coca-Cola launches CokeTags on Facebook using Linkstorm’s PUP technology

We’re happy to announce that CokeTags, using Linkstorm’s PUP (Personal Universal Profile) technology, has gone live on Facebook today.

CokeTag is a Coca-Cola sponsored, customizable widget for individuals, bands, bloggers, artists, activists, - and others to showcase themselves and drive traffic to content they select. From a professional marketing point of view, it carries brand messaging into the Social Media space. While it launches on Facebook, we plan to expand the app into other social networks soon.

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Last Mile of Behavioral Targeting

Just a quick note this morning to acknowledge comments from Blogger Jim Nichols, from Catalyst in SF, with respect to my podcast interview.

“So, to use a football analogy, behavioral targeting will get you into the red zone — but no farther. We don’t do our own ad placement. However, if a customer already using BT has the data to know you are a certain profile, we can take that data and further customize the way menus are structured. If you know from their browsing that a customer, let’s say, is a bargain hunter, then you can organize your different offers by price range.”

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Video advertisers are still trying to jump in front of the screen. There’s a better way.

In reading Tameka Kee’s Mediapost article “Advertisers Get Buzzed On YouTube With New Targeting Capability“, I came across the following quote about video advertising - which I’ve heard a million times but this time I was inspired to respond.
Here’s the quote (from Court Crandall, creative partner at Ground Zero):
“At the moment, any online […]

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“More, better clicks” is the outcome – a better way to navigate the Web is the cause

Linkstorm chose to focus on Advertising because there’s such a perfect alignment between advertisers who are hungering for proven ways to get more customers to click through to their content and products. But ultimately we’d like to see our new navigation paradigm applied across all forms of linking on the Web, not just ad links – because who has time to slog through the Web one page at a time?

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