Clickthrough Is Losing Its Relevance

Advertisers need to stop producing ads that are likely to generate unqualified clicks, as those ads don’t do anybody justice; Advertisers get frustrated when ads that engage fail to generate conversions, publishers loose their credibility as targeted destinations, but most importantly, customer gets more jaded as they learn that even the few ads they do click on lead to irrelevant junk.

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Podcast interview with David Sidman

During the 2008 AdTech San Francisco trade show Linkstorm CEO David Sidman was interviewed by Latino Print Network’s Kirk Whisler.

Click on the picture below to hear David discuss Linkstorm’s technology, solutions and client results.

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Window-shopping, display advertising, etc.

The role of the banner is 3-fold: 1) Get the customer’s attention and make them slow down, 2) demonstrate relevance and value to the customer, 3) engage customer to act.

It seems we’re asking a lot from a small little graphic on a page. Are advertisers trying to make banners do too much? Could banners be more effective if their objectives were less ambitious?

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Video advertisers are still trying to jump in front of the screen. There’s a better way.

In reading Tameka Kee’s Mediapost article “Advertisers Get Buzzed On YouTube With New Targeting Capability“, I came across the following quote about video advertising - which I’ve heard a million times but this time I was inspired to respond.
Here’s the quote (from Court Crandall, creative partner at Ground Zero):
“At the moment, any online […]

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There Be Monsters In These Waters!

Last night I was poking around on the web looking up information on click-through rates (CTRs) of display advertising. Yes, in my free time. As I was surfing, I came across an interesting weblog entry from another display advertising company whose entry title read, "MySpace Revenue Down Because Banner Ads Suck."
Oh really? I asked.
After […]

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The Art of Consolidation - Part I - Planning Ahead

With all of the talk these days about consolidation and Xen as the keystone to that process for affordable, DIY environments, there’s something lacking from the tips, tricks, and how-to’s on getting started. I see a large focus on setting up cluster file systems, SANs, and other shared storage solutions mixed with heartbeat to […]

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“More, better clicks” is the outcome – a better way to navigate the Web is the cause

Linkstorm chose to focus on Advertising because there’s such a perfect alignment between advertisers who are hungering for proven ways to get more customers to click through to their content and products. But ultimately we’d like to see our new navigation paradigm applied across all forms of linking on the Web, not just ad links – because who has time to slog through the Web one page at a time?

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James Brown & Banner Advertising

More relevant banner ads generate more clicks. Can’t argue with that logic. However, I’m not sure advertisers have quite figured out what to do with the new rich(er) media ads. My gut feeling says that many advertisers are investing in this type of advertising purely for their branding effect. Maybe the thinking is “if we can’t make users click, let’s at least make the experience memorable, and score high on brand recall and awareness.” That’s a tall order for a small banner.

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