Last Mile of Behavioral Targeting

Just a quick note this morning to acknowledge comments from Blogger Jim Nichols, from Catalyst in SF, with respect to my podcast interview.

Jim wrote:

Not only does he communicate that their menu banners are a form of BT, but also he explains that they can be a complement to BT. Rather than me paraphrasing the content, here’s an interview excerpt:

So, to use a football analogy, behavioral targeting will get you into the red zone — but no farther. We don’t do our own ad placement. However, if a customer already using BT has the data to know you are a certain profile, we can take that data and further customize the way menus are structured. If you know from their browsing that a customer, let’s say, is a bargain hunter, then you can organize your different offers by price range.”

I’m happy to see this aspect and nuance of our solution getting recognition, and for those who want to delve even deeper into the logic here, check out my article in MEDIAWEEK, called “What Customers Want.”

- David

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  1. Jonna Patrick says:


  2. Nimisha says:

    Yes it’s sad, as any end of any era always is! But look at the pubisihlng industry; everybody is pubisihlng themselves, and all the real editors have been laid off a while ago. All one can do is uphold a certain standard of quality and hope that someone will notice.As long as people like Richard Thompson draw cartoons, I have hope.

  3. Mari says:

    I agree entirely, Nick. Not mauesring is only the second-worst sin; mauesring the wrong thing is the worst.One of the most useful tools I have ever come …

  4. says:

    A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this information.

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