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At Linkstorm we tried to come up with a clever tagline to associate our name with. Against my better judgment, I decided to solicit the diversity of talent and opinion across the organization in order to define who we are and what we do in a short punchy sentence.

Tagline by committee doesn’t work, even with the best of intentions. After offering input, contributors somehow assumed (insisted) that veto-rights of others’ tagline candidates was implied. Quagmire. Now, if they can only forget they were ever asked…

So, when deciding on a URL and title of this blog, I didn’t make the same mistake. Previously, a tagline candidate that got the least resistance was “More, better clicks.” It might not be perfect, but the URL wasn’t taken and it contains 3 words that transcend everything Linkstorm stands for.

More – as in we increase click-through rates beyond your most aggressive expectations.

Better – as in the customers who click are highly qualified and get right to the advertiser content they want

Clicks – as in clicking on a banner not to mute the sound of a video ad, but to leave the publisher page and get straight to the advertiser’s site

So without further ado, I hereby declare Linkstorm’s More, Better Cllicks blog officially open for conversation. Come back often to learn about and discuss how to make online advertising yield more, better clicks!

- vidar

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